2024 Mentorship Excellence Awards


In recognition of the pivotal role that mentors play in supporting undergraduate research and creative activity, the Office of Undergraduate Research is pleased to announce the recipients of the 2024 Mentorship Excellence Awards. These awards recognize two faculty members – one in a STEM field, and one in a non-STEM field – and one graduate student who exemplify the ways in which outstanding mentors challenge and support their students, enabling them to take intellectual risks and achieve milestones they might not have initially envisioned being able to reach.

Please join us in congratulating Ashley Helton, Ryan Talbert, and Olivia Corvino on their selection as this year’s Mentorship Excellence Award recipients. The awards were presented on Friday, April 12, 2024 during the Frontiers in Undergraduate Research Poster Exhibitions at Storrs.

2024 Mentorship Excellence Award winner Ashley Helton, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Natural Resources & the Environment

Ashley Helton, Associate Professor, Natural Resources & the Environment
Professor Helton was nominated by a number of her students. The following text is excerpted from one nomination.

The majority of my strong undergraduate scientific skill set has in large part been shaped by Dr. Helton’s mentorship. From the beginning, Dr. Helton has set aside time for regular one on one meetings for scientific discussion and support, in addition to including me in her graduate laboratory meetings. Rather than try to keep me in my lane, she always encouraged me to fly high, encouraging me to attend postgraduate courses even though I myself was an undergraduate. She has always welcomed and encouraged my scientific questions. She presented me with scientific literature to build my knowledge base. She provided me with the opportunities to read manuscripts and write some of my first scientific literature. She helped me consider and apply for avenues of scholarship I did not know were available to me. She has invited me to multiple scientific network forums. I always feel Dr. Helton has my best interest at heart and I was moved when she actively sought out an additional internship for me because it shows she genuinely cares about the trajectory of my career. I will always be grateful for the time I have with Dr. Helton. – Anonymous



Ryan Talbert, Assistant Professor, Sociology
Professor Talbert was nominated by Joseph Annan-Kingsley ’24 (CLAS), Samantha Gove ’24 (CLAS), and Kyle Makalusky ’24 (CLAS). The following text is excerpted from their nominations.

2024 Mentorship Excellence Award winner Ryan Talbert, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Sociology.

Dr. Talbert pushes and challenges his students to take their work and their own skills to the next level. He encourages his students to take their creative work to the next step as he often finds various venues for his lab students to present at. Throughout the three semesters that I actively participated in the lab, Professor Talbert never failed to support student inquiry, challenge students to take next steps in their research, and especially develop a holistic view of his students’ short-term and long-term goals. Dr. Talbert has had an impact on my undergraduate success and my early professional life far greater than can be expected from any mentor. Dr. Talbert crafted an environment that allowed creativity to be nurtured among each student, especially when it came to academic writing skills, which fostered a sense of innovation and collaboration.

Dr. Talbert is undeniably the most incredible mentor I have known as an undergraduate student at UConn. As a graduating senior, I have spent a lot of time in the past few months reflecting on my time in college. I am humbled to say that I have accomplished far more than I could have ever dreamed of in my time in college, and I am certain of the fact that I would not have accomplished a majority of those things without the mentorship of Dr. Talbert.




Olivia Corvino, Ph.D. Student, Nutritional Sciences
Olivia was nominated by Jonatan Schmitt ’24 (CAHNR). The following text is excerpted from Jonathan’s nomination.

2024 Mentorship Excellence Award winner Olivia Corvino, Ph.D. student in Nutritional Sciences.

Olivia has also taken a serious interest in orienting my lab work towards my career goals. During the time we have spent together, I have expressed to her that I am using this research opportunity to enhance my understanding of nutritional science, and I don’t see myself working in a lab environment in my career, so the methods and procedures that we follow can feel outside the scope of my nutrition application. I had told this to my Ph.D. students/teachers in the past, but Olivia has most significantly adjusted my lab experience to meet my academic goals. In addition to helping me understand the science behind each step in the procedural research process, Olivia puts significant emphasis on the research analysis conducted at the experiment’s end. She takes timeout of her schedule to ensure that I have a complete understanding of how the factors we implemented influenced the outcome. I will often ask long open-ended questions to further my understanding, and Olivia remains patient, connecting all the dots in my head until I feel satiated. She has helped to orient me to the different types of nutrition research which has helped me better understand where in this world of research I belong and will be more (or less) fulfilled. Her genuine care for my progress is evident in every interaction, and I feel incredibly fortunate to have such a dedicated mentor by my side.



Congratulations to the 2024 award recipients! The Office of Undergraduate Research thanks the undergraduate students who nominated their faculty and graduate student mentors as well as the Peer Research Ambassadors who served on this year’s selection committee.

Research Assistant Opportunity in Reduced-Order Modeling of Fluid Dynamics

Opportunity Description

Potential projects for undergraduate research will be based on mutual interest. Some topics include:
1. Data-assimilation in climate-motivated reduced order models using semi-analytical approach
2. Robust control of a reduced-order model of spatially developing flows
3. Fixed-flux convection analyzed by reduced-order models
4. Analysis and reduced-order model of flow over hydrophobic surfaces

The student’s responsibilities include problem formulation, programming, and data analysis.

Expected time commitment will be 9 hours per week with duration of at least one semester. The student may earn credit of independent study. Mentor will also encourage and support the application of summer research fellowship.

Student Qualifications
Students are required to be enrolled in an STEM major with a strong background in mathematics (especially calculus and linear algebra), physics, and computer programming (Python or MATLAB). Prior research experience, courses in fluid dynamics, and plan to pursue a Ph.D. program are desired but not required.

How to Apply
Interested students can apply this research opportunity by sending an email to Dr. Chang Liu via chang_liu@uconn.edu with a copy of CV and transcript. A paragraph describing why you are interested in this opportunity, what you plan to do, and the preferred research duration will be appreciated.

Mentor: Chang Liu, Assistant Professor
Department: Mechanical Engineering
Email: chang_liu@uconn.edu
Timing: Ongoing
Campus: Storrs

Research Opportunity – Cloud System area

Opportunity Description

I am seeking motivated undergraduate students who are interested in doing research in the cloud system area. Interested students should email me to schedule a time to discuss the opportunity. Students who are interested in working on this research project may be encouraged to register for an independent study course to earn research credit.

Student Qualifications
A student is expected to have the following:
1) Strong coding skills
2) Self-learning and thinking; ability to problem solve
3) Hard working

How to Apply
If you are interested, please send an email with your resume and transcript to Dr. Wei Zhang (wei.13.zhang@uconn.edu).

Mentor: Wei Zhang, Assistant Professor
Department: Computer Science and Engineering (CSE)
Email: wei.13.zhang@uconn.edu
Timing: Ongoing
Campus: Storrs

• Congratulations, 2023 SURF Award Recipients!

The Office of Undergraduate Research is pleased to announce the selection of 48 undergraduate students to receive SURF Awards in support of their summer undergraduate research projects.

Click here to view the full list of Summer 2023 SURF awardees.SURF logo 2

Congratulations, SURF awardees! Your curiosity, initiative, and motivation were evident in your applications and you have an exciting summer of deep engagement with the process of academic inquiry ahead of you. We look forward to hearing about all you learn and discover!

We thank the faculty members who supported SURF applicants in a range of roles: mentors, letter writers, and faculty review committee members. SURF represents a collaborative effort between students and faculty. This program would not be possible without the support and participation of the UConn faculty!

OUR also extends thanks to SURF supporters in the UConn community. We are grateful to the Office of the Provost, the Office of the Vice President for Research, and to the Deans of the Schools and Colleges of Agriculture, Health and Natural Resources; Engineering; Fine Arts; Liberal Arts and Sciences; Nursing; and Pharmacy, who all pledged funding to the SURF competition this year. Alumni, parents, and friends of UConn also helped fund SURF awards. This collaborative funding effort ensures that SURF supports a diverse array of undergraduate research endeavors. We are grateful to all of our program partners for making intensive summer research opportunities available to students seeking to enrich their undergraduate experience in this way.

Once again, congratulations to the recipients of 2023 SURF awards, and good luck with your summer projects!

• 2023 Mentorship Excellence Awards


In recognition of the pivotal role that mentors play in supporting undergraduate research and creative activity, the Office of Undergraduate Research is pleased to announce the recipients of the 2023 Mentorship Excellence Awards. These awards recognize two faculty members – one in a STEM field, and one in a non-STEM field – and one graduate student who exemplify the ways in which outstanding mentors challenge and support their students, enabling them to take intellectual risks and achieve milestones they might not have initially envisioned being able to reach.

Please join us in congratulating Na Zhang, Wendy Mok, and Chelsea Garcia on their selection as this year’s Mentorship Excellence Award recipients. The awards were presented on Friday, April 14, 2023 and Tuesday, April 18, 2023 during the Frontiers in Undergraduate Research Poster Exhibitions at Storrs and Stamford.

Na Zhang, Assistant Professor, Human Development and Family Sciences
Professor Zhang was nominated by Victoria Almazán ’25 (CLAS) and Abigail Ricketts ’24 (CLAS). The following text is excerpted from their nominations.

A portrait of Na Zhang
2023 Mentorship Excellence Award winner Na Zhang, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Human Development and Family Sciences.

When choosing a career path, I was often stuck on what would bring me everything I wanted: a clinical outcome for social good, as well as the opportunity to keep learning, writing, and reading every day. I considered a variety of careers such as social work, medicine, therapy, and more. However, these were all missing a certain component and I did not want to settle. Through learning research skills, I realized that research filled the learning component of my career goal and made it a goal to become more involved. However, I was still stumped on what that meant for me career-wise. I decided to set up a meeting with Dr. Zhang and ask for her thoughts. I described to her in a very dramatic way that I was suffering from a career crisis. She listened to me and asked me what my research interests were and told me about clinical psychology. While I had heard about the career previously, my understanding of it was vague at best. I researched people in the field, graduate programs, and more, and learned that it fit every single component I was looking for. Since describing this career goal to Dr. Zhang, she only increased her level of support. I am extremely grateful to have a mentor like Dr. Zhang help me shape my research interests in the social sciences and broaden my horizons in learning experiences I never expected to have. – Victoria Almazán

It quickly became obvious to me that Dr. Zhang is the type of mentor who genuinely cares about me, my interests, and my success. When developing my research plan she helped me to go above and beyond what I thought I was capable of doing. For example, Dr. Zhang encouraged me to submit an abstract of my preliminary findings to a psychology research conference. Before, I was not very aware of what occurs at these research conferences and how much of a benefit being accepted to present at one would be. With her guidance, I was able to submit an abstract and be accepted to present at the annual Association for Psychological Sciences Convention. This will be extremely beneficial for my professional and research goals because I will be able to see what research is currently being conducted in my field, as well as network with experienced and successful professionals. Dr. Zhang is the reason I will be able to have this opportunity that I didn’t even know was possible for me. – Abigail Ricketts

Wendy Mok, Assistant Professor, Molecular Biology and Biophysics
Professor Mok was nominated by Stephanie Schofield ’23 (CLAS). The following text is excerpted from Stephanie’s nomination.

A portrait of Wendy Mok
2023 Mentorship Excellence Award winner Wendy Mok, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Molecular Biology and Biophysics.

Since the day I joined the lab, Wendy has challenged me to grow as both a scientist and as a person. In the first months before I even started working in person with her, she set up weekly meetings to help me digest scientific research papers so that I set a strong foundation for my research. After my very first poster at Fall Frontiers, Wendy challenged me to go further. Together, we worked on submitting abstracts to various conferences across New England. I recall, when I went to the BIG EAST Symposium to present my work, she was so excited that she posted a picture of me in front of my poster, and I was so honored by this. Wendy motivated me to apply for grants and programs, supporting me tirelessly on the applications and also quelling my fear of failure. When I received word that I was not selected for one program, I was devastated. Wendy hugged me and told me, “Do you know how many grants I have applied for in my life?” and when I was unsure, she answered, “Probably 50 by now, and all I needed was one to come through.” Months later, we worked to turn that unsuccessful proposal into a SURF award application that supported my research last summer and made me hungry to keep dreaming bigger. In the fall, I independently applied for a Fulbright grant and recently learned of my selection as a finalist! The foundation I built in Wendy’s lab, both in terms of technical skills and writing skills, made these opportunities possible.

Aside from her mentorship, over the last two years, Wendy has grown to become like a mother to me. While I have been responsible for my own success, Wendy has made my dreams possible through all her love, support, encouragement, and mentorship. I walked into her lab a timid, shy undergraduate, and now walk out with five posters, three projects, two successful grants, and one publication under my belt. Sometimes I get emotional about leaving the lab after graduating this spring. Wendy once gave me a big hug and showed me that she had cut a leaf off of our lab plant in her office. She told me that when anyone graduates from her lab, they get their own piece of the plant as a parting gift. “You’re just beginning, with me you’ve grown so much that now you get a new pot, a new environment. And you’ll grow and thrive there always knowing that we are just one family in your life.”

Chelsea Garcia, Ph.D. Student, Nutritional Sciences
Chelsea was nominated by Paige Dossias ’23 (CAHNR). The following text is excerpted from Paige’s nomination.

A portrait of Chelsea Garcia
2023 Mentorship Excellence Award winner Chelsea Garcia, Ph.D. student in Nutritional Sciences.

Like many new students, I felt intimidated about working in a lab. However, after meeting Chelsea for the first time, my worries were immediately put at ease. She was incredibly welcoming and gave me a thorough tour of the lab we would be working in together. Once I began reading the lab protocols, I admitted I was struggling to understand. Chelsea took the time to reassure me that this was completely normal and that she would explain things on a step-by-step basis, which was a great relief. After the first week, I knew I wanted to be involved in this lab for my remaining time at UConn.

I feel incredibly fortunate to have Chelsea as a mentor. She is someone I know I can always count on for support – not only with my research projects, but also for guidance on opportunities outside the lab. Chelsea creates an open and safe environment where students can go to her for just about anything. She has answered what feels like thousands of questions and has made time to meet with students even when she is busy. Whenever she learns that I am working on a project or a piece of writing, she offers to review and provide constructive feedback. Chelsea makes it clear to everyone in the lab to prioritize their health above all else. It is evident that she has a genuine passion for mentorship and wants us to succeed. She is an excellent role model — from how she teaches students in our lab, to her willingness to support other students and faculty, as well as her hard work and dedication to research and academics.

With Chelsea’s guidance, I have become more independent and able to solve problems on my own. She has shown me her thought-process on how to approach issues when challenges arise in the lab. She emphasizes how mistakes are an important part of the learning process and how we can use them to grow as researchers. She taught me to document every observation, which is something I have incorporated into my everyday life. For every protocol I’ve learned, Chelsea ensures I understand how each experiment and reagents work before moving on. She even goes as far as to share examples of safety hazards she’s witnessed in the past, as well as the most common lab errors and sources of contamination. These examples have been invaluable to me and I’ve been able to pass this learning onto incoming students.

Chelsea continually encourages me to take on new projects and apply for awards, even when I was uncertain. One of the most frequent phrases she says is, “I believe in you.” I am in awe of how much I’ve grown as a student, researcher, and person under her guidance. I never could have imagined how much I would learn through research and how incredibly rewarding and fun it can be. Even with something as simple as blasting Disney music while we work, she is always looking for ways to create an enjoyable and relaxing learning environment. I cannot thank Chelsea enough for her unwavering support and guidance during my time here at UConn. She has had a profound impact on my undergraduate experience, which will serve me for years to come. She has been one of the best mentors I’ve ever had and given me a foundation to build on for my future. For this, I am forever grateful.

Congratulations to the 2023 award recipients! The Office of Undergraduate Research thanks the undergraduate students who nominated their faculty and graduate student mentors as well as the Peer Research Ambassadors who served on this year’s selection committee.

• Field Research Opportunity: Luquillo Experimental Forest of Puerto Rico

Opportunity Description

Volunteer positions for fieldwork in the Luquillo Experimental Forest of Puerto Rico are available during the summer of 2023. This tropical site has a rich history of ecological research (see http://luq.lternet.edu/) and is currently funded from a grant from National Science Foundation’s Long-Term Ecological Research Program (see http://www.lternet.edu/). Applicants must be able to commit for blocks of time (usually 4-7 weeks in duration, exact duration and dates will be determined, in part, based on availability of applicants) to be in Puerto Rico. Additional opportunities for research experience and the potential to work on related research projects at the University of Connecticut following fieldwork exist for interested participants.

Our research team will investigate responses of snails and insects to environmental variation related to elevation, landscape characteristics, or natural disturbances, including responses to Hurricane Maria (2017), and a long-term simulated hurricane experiment. Fieldwork is conducted at night and involves surveys by teams of workers at a series of small plots throughout the forest. Work involves long hours and hiking in wet and slippery mountainous terrain.

This is a fantastic opportunity to gain practical field experience in the only tropical forest within the US Forest System. At night the forest comes alive with the calls of endemic frogs (coquis), with potential opportunities to interact with scientists and students from other universities that conduct ecological research on diverse aspects of the forest.

Lodging and round-trip transportation (plane ticket) will be provided by the project.

Student Qualifications
We are seeking mature, responsible, and hard-working students who are dedicated team-players. Good field habits (i.e., good note taking, good observations) are a plus. No previous work experience in tropical rainforests is necessary.

How to Apply
If interested, please contact Steven Presley (steven.presley@uconn.edu) or Michael Willig (michael.willig@uconn.edu) as soon as possible.

Mentor: Michael Willig, Board of Trustees Distinguished Professor, and Steven Presley, Postdoctoral Research Associate
Department: Institute of the Environment
Email: michael.willig@uconn.edu; steven.presley@uconn.edu
Timing: Summer 2023, Ongoing
Campus: Off-campus Summer 2023, Storrs ongoing

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• Apply Now for Summer 2023 Undergraduate Research Experiences (REUs)

Interested in spending the summer engaged in an exciting research project or a formal REU program? With March fast approaching, many summer program deadlines have passed. However, there is still time to prepare application materials for the summer opportunities listed below with late February and March deadlines.

Mountain Lake Biological Station, University of Virginia, REU Program – Ecology, Evolution, and Behavioral Field Research
Deadline: February 20, 2023
The MLBS REU program is a 10-week summer program that provides students the opportunity to conduct guided, but independent, original research in field biology. Visit the REU website for information on specific REU projects and mentors; the program supports 10 students each summer. $6,250 stipend, room and board provided.

Multicultural Academic Opportunities Program (MAOP) Undergraduate Summer Research Internship – Virginia Tech
Deadline: 5pm EST, February 20, 2023 
This program provides undergraduates from diverse backgrounds the opportunity to conduct research under the guidance of a faculty mentor. Wide variety of academic disciplines; $3,000 stipend, free on-campus room and board. Applicants should be rising sophomores, juniors, and seniors.

TIP Innovation Fellowship Program – UConn program open only to UConn undergraduates, master’s students and recent (Dec 22/May 23) graduates. 
Deadline: February 24, 2023
The TIP Innovation Fellows Program is a paid, 10-week mentored summer research experience for STEM and Business students. Students are placed with on-campus technology start-up companies located in Farmington, Storrs, and Stamford. $4,000 stipend for undergrads. The program includes workshops and seminars on Innovation & Entrepreneurship.

Brookings Institution Internship Program
Deadline: February 26, 2023
The Brookings Internship Program provides undergraduates the opportunity to learn new skills by working with Brookings’ staff in a variety of research areas – Economic Studies, Foreign Policy, Global Economy and Development, Governance Studies and Metropolitan Policy. Three types of internships are offered – paid, academic for credit, and external sponsorship.

NIH Summer Internship Program in Biomedical Research (SIP)
Deadline: March 1, 2023
This summer internship program provides undergraduates with the opportunity to conduct full-time biomedical research. These traineeships are available only in the intramural laboratories of the NIH. Most of the laboratories are located on the main NIH campus in Bethesda, MD. Students who are selected receive a monthly stipend that is based on education level and experience.

REU Program, Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry at Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI)
Deadline: March 1, 2023
This new summer REU program will offer undergraduates the opportunity to participate in projects ranging from membrane biochemistry to bio-inspired materials synthesis all geared toward solving important problems in biology. $6,000 stipend and free on-campus housing. 

Loyola Adventures in Urobiome Data (LAUD) Summer Research Program
Deadline: March 3, 2023
The 8-week LAUD program includes projects for hybrid (combination of in-lab and online) or online only. Selected student researchers will gain exposure to current research areas in benign urologic disease, conduct hypothesis-driven research, and develop the skills to synthesize, interpret, and present their scientific research. Applicants should have completed genetics or cell biology along with a statistics course. $6,000 stipend. 

Agroecology Extension (AX) Summer Research Fellowship – University of Vermont
Deadline: March 4, 2023
The AX Fellowship is collaboration between UVM Extension and the Plant and Soil Science Department, and coordinated by the Agroecology and Livelihoods Collaborative on UVM’s main campus in Burlington, VT. Fellows will be matched with mentors engaged in various agroecological extension research projects including in pest management, agronomy, vegetable/berry farming, fruit tree farming, or field crop and soil management. On-campus housing or housing allowance is provided.

REU in Nanotechnology and Photonics at Boston University
Deadline: March 15, 2023
The Research Experiences for Undergraduates (REU) program supports active research participation from undergraduates (rising freshman to rising seniors) and community college students. Students will participate in mentored discovery, engineering of new devices, and fabrication at the nanoscale level to explore optical and integrated nano-scale systems, while developing critical skills, awareness and confidence necessary to advance in academics and research in the future. $6,000 stipend and free on-campus housing. 

American Student Placements in Rehabilitation Engineering (ASPIRE) REU Program – University of Pittsburgh
Deadline: March 17, 2023
ASPIRE is a 10-week research program that focuses on rehabilitation engineering and assistive technology. Students indicate their top three projects choices on their application. Selected students receive a $4,750 stipend with housing provided at no-cost. Seminars and workshops will augment the research experience.

American Society of Plant Biologists – Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship
Deadline: March 15, 2023
The ASPB Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowships fund undergraduate students so they can conduct research in plant biology early in their college career. SURF recipients must present their research at ASPB’s annual Plant Biology meeting in the year following the fellowship award. Students may work with a mentor at their own institution or at another institution. Mentors must be a member of ASPB, have an ongoing research program of high scientific merit, and demonstrate a commitment to undergraduate education and research. $6,000 stipend, membership in ASPB, and $700 in support for the materials, and $575 to support student travel.

INSPIRE U2 REU Program – Spelman College
Deadline: March 15, 2023
The Increasing Statistical Preparation in Research Education for Underrepresented Undergraduates (INSPIRE U2) program is designed to expose rising first current first year and sophomore female students to statistical programs and analytical techniques with the goal of increasing student interest in advanced degree programs in the quantitative fields. Selected students will receive a stipend and travel costs. 

Smart Manufacturing REU at Drexel University
Deadline: April 1, 2023 (apply early as applications reviewed on a rolling basis)
This goal of this 9-week SMREU is to provide hands-on experience in cutting-edge research relevant to smart manufacturing to undergraduate students. Smart Manufacturing refers to using advanced data analytics, computational methods, and automation to improve efficiency, productivity, and cost across processes, factories, and entire supply chains. $5,500 stipend and on-campus housing provided to program participants.

• Deadlines Approaching for Summer 2023 Research Opportunities

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to get valuable research experience this summer. Undergraduate students who are interested in participating in a summer research program should be preparing applications and requesting letters of recommendation now! Check out the following summer research programs with late January and early February deadlines. Many programs are planning for in-person activities in summer 2023, but please check the individual program websites for updates.

NORC Summer Intern Program University of Chicago 
Deadline: January 20, 2023, 5pm CT; http://www.norc.org/WorkingAtNORC/Pages/internship-programs.aspx
The NORC Summer Internship is a nine-week, paid position for individuals with an interest in the social sciences, survey research, data analysis, and research methods. The program will be fully virtual in summer 2023. The program introduces interns to the design, implementation and analysis of large surveys. Students will have the opportunity to learn the principles of survey research from leading practitioners while exploring recent innovations in data collection techniques and the integration of survey data with other types of data.

NASA Student Airborne Research Program (SARP) Bay Area Environmental Research Institute
Deadline: January 30, 2023, 5:00pm PST; https://baeri.org/sarp/
This 8-week summer internship program is targeted at rising seniors with a strong background in any of the physical, chemical, or biological sciences, mathematics or engineering and an interest in applying their background to the study of the Earth system. Research areas include atmospheric chemistry, air quality, forest ecology, and ocean biology. SARP participants (24-32 students) will acquire hands-on research experience using one or more NASA Airborne Science Program flying science laboratories. Stipend of $5,000 plus funding to cover travel to California.

Summer Student Program The Jackson Laboratory (two locations, Maine & Connecticut)
Deadline: January 30, 2023, 11:59pm EST;  https://www.jax.org/education-and-learning/high-school-students-and-undergraduates/learn-earn-and-explore
The Summer Student Program is designed for students with an interest in genetics and genomics research. The program emphasizes laboratory research and includes professional development opportunities. The research areas available to summer students include Bioinformatics and Computational Biology, Cancer, Developmental Biology and Aging, Genomics, Immunology and Infectious Disease, Metabolic Diseases, and Neurobiology and Sensory Deficits. Admission to the Summer Student Program is competitive, and students of all backgrounds are selected. All students receive a stipend of $6,250 for the 10-week program, including room and board at Highseas (Maine program) or at the University of Saint Joseph (Connecticut program).

SAO REU Summer Intern Program
Deadline: January 31, 2023; https://www.cfa.harvard.edu/opportunities/graduate-undergraduate-programs/reu-summer-intern-program
The SAO Summer intern program is a research experience for undergraduates where 11 students work on an astrophysics research project under the supervision of an SAO or Harvard scientist. Undergraduates interested in astronomy, astrophysics, physics, or related physical sciences are encouraged to apply. The 10-week program will take place at the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics although the program may move to a fully virtual program depending on public health situation. Stipend of $600/week

NSF-REU Internships in Astronomy – Maria Mitchell Observatory
Deadline: February 1, 2023; https://www.mariamitchell.org/nsf-reu-internship-in-astronomy
Six REU internship positions are available for qualified undergraduate astronomy and physics students. These positions provide students the opportunity to conduct independent research supervised by a senior staff member of MMO. This internship is paid, along with housing and travel reimbursement provided. 

Pediatric Oncology Education (POE) Program – St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital
Deadline: February 1, 2023 (preferred January 1, 2023); http://www.stjude.org/poe
This program provides a 10/11 week training experience in either laboratory research or clinical research. Students will be matched with a faculty mentor and will participate in the mentor’s ongoing research projects. Applicants should indicate particular skills and experience that would be helpful for remote projects (e.g. bioinformatics, MATLAB, R or python programming, biostatistics or epidemiology software, image processing, etc.). Qualified students with an interest in cancer research are encouraged to apply. $600/week stipend provided to selected students.

Summer Undergraduate Research Program – Gerstner Sloan Kettering
Deadline: February 1, 2023; http://www.sloankettering.edu/summer-undergraduate-research-program
The Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences at Memorial Sloan Kettering sponsors a 10-week summer research program for undergraduate students who are interested in the biomedical sciences. This is a competitive program that accepts 10-20 students. Applicants must be a current freshman, sophomore, or junior, and must have research experience. $6,000 stipend and housing provided.

Boulder Solar REU Program – University of Colorado Boulder
Deadline: February 1, 2023; http://lasp.colorado.edu/home/education/reu/
This 10-week summer REU program targets students with an interest in solar and space physics. Students work under the direction of scientists from one of a number of participating institutions that are part of the Boulder Solar Alliance. $600/week stipend plus housing stipend provided.

Hartford Hospital Summer Student Pre-Med & Research Program
Deadline: February 3, 2023; https://hartfordhospital.org/health-professionals/education/residencies-fellowships/summer-student-pre-med-research-program
This 10-week program offers pre-med students an introduction to research methodology, patient treatment, and ethical issues in medicine. Applicants must be pre-med students completing their junior year by May 2023 and have a cumulative GPA of 3.4. $4,000 stipend for selected students.

Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution (WHOI) Summer Student Fellowship
Deadline: February 5, 2023; http://www.whoi.edu/main/summer-student-fellowship
The Summer Student Fellowship provides undergraduates with an interest in ocean sciences, oceanographic engineering, mathematics, or marine policy with a meaningful first-hand introduction to research in those areas. Students who have completed their junior year prior to the start of fellowship period in summer 2023 are eligible to apply. Stipend of approximately $670/week for 10-12 weeks and institutional housing provided. There is also an additional financial support cost of about $700 for the round trip to Woods Hole.

Woods Hole Partnership Education Program (PEP)
Deadline: February 10, 2023; https://www.woodsholediversity.org/pep/
PEP is a 10-week program designed primarily for college juniors and seniors from underrepresented groups in marine and ocean sciences who want to spend a summer gaining practical experience in marine and environmental science. The program consists of a four-week course in global climate change and a ten-week research project – all in the sea-side village of Woods Hole. Applications are encouraged from students majoring in the natural sciences (biology, chemistry, physics, or geosciences), engineering, mathematics and those who can relate their interests to marine/ocean sciences (science communication, microbiology, etc.). Underrepresented students, including first generation and those from community college, are encouraged to apply.

• Research Assistant in REINVENT-PT Lab

Opportunity Description

The REINVENT-PT lab (REhabilitation INnoVations & Emerging Novel Technologies in Physical Therapy, PI: Dr. Sudha Srinivasan) at the University of Connecticut (UConn) is interested in understanding developmental trajectories of individuals with developmental disabilities including Autism, Cerebral Palsy, Down syndrome, etc. across the lifespan.
The REINVENT-PT lab is interested in understanding developmental trajectories of individuals with neuro-developmental disabilities such as Autism, Cerebral Palsy, Down syndrome, and Intellectual Disability across the lifespan. We are interested in studying how infants and children with developmental disabilities explore their physical and social environment compared to typically developing peers and the cascading effects of motor difficulties on a child’s social communication and cognitive development. We are also interested in assessing health-related outcomes in adolescents and young adults with developmental disabilities, including their physical activity and physical fitness levels. Based on our understanding of the developmental trajectories of individuals with disabilities, our goal is to develop multisystem, engaging, evidence-based, behavioural interventions and assistive technologies to empower the lives of people with disabilities.
At present, the lab has 2 ongoing research projects: (1) we are exploring the utility and efficacy of using playful joystick-operated ride-on-toys to promote upper extremity function and spontaneous use in children with hemiplegic Cerebral Palsy both in a camp setting and as a home-based program. Specifically, we are also interested in comparing the efficacy of single versus dual joystick ride-on-toy navigation training in improving uni- and bimanual function in children with hemiplegic CP, (2) assessing the ability of healthy neurotypical children to drive joystick-operated ride-on-toys using their non-dominant side.

Student Qualifications
We are looking for passionate, energetic, and empathetic undergraduate students interested in working on projects involving infants, children, and adults with disabilities. Students can pursue research at the lab for credit, for work study, and with the potential of converting a subset of the research into an honor’s thesis. Students are required to commit to pursuing research in the lab for at least 2-3 semesters in order for the experience to be meaningful for students. Students are required to complete CITI training given that our research is with human subjects (details will be provided by the study PI).

How to Apply
Students from diverse backgrounds including but not limited to psychology, physiology and neurobiology, biology, exercise science, communication sciences, allied health, and education are encouraged to contact Dr. Sudha Srinivasan at sudha.srinivasan@uconn.edu. Please attach your CV/Resume and your unofficial transcript in your email.

Mentor: Sudha Srinivasan, Assistant Professor
Department: Kinesiology (Physical Therapy)
Email: sudha.srinivasan@uconn.edu
Timing: Spring 2023, Summer 2023, Ongoing
Campus: Storrs

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Summer Research Experience Program in Cancer Science – Roswell Park Cancer Institute
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Summer Public Health Scholars Program (SPHSP) – Columbia University
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Maternal Child Health Careers/Research Initiatives for Student Enhancement – Undergraduate Program (MCHC/RISE-UP)
Deadline: January 31, 2023;
MCHC/RISE-UP provides opportunities for enhanced public leadership in the area of maternal and child health. Three tracks are offered: clinical, research, and community engagement and advocacy. This program is open to juniors, seniors, and recent baccalaureate degree scholars interested in learning more about public health. A stipend ($3,000-$3,500) and housing are provided. Summer format is subject to change based on COVID-19 pandemic status.