There are many opportunities for students to share their research, scholarship and creative work. Publishing the results of your research or creative project is one method of disseminating your findings and sharing your work.

Students are encouraged to begin a conversation about authorship and publication plans with their faculty advisors at the inception of a research project. Authorship credit and authorship order are complex issues, but misunderstandings can be prevented through early discussion of these topics (so as to develop a set of shared expectations for all project collaborators), as well as ongoing dialogue as the project and manuscript evolve.

Faculty advisors are also excellent sources of information about journals in the field and can help you determine which journal(s) would be appropriate for your work. Some considerations that may factor into your choice of journal are degree of specialization (i.e., a journal focused on a specialized sub-field versus a journal with a broader audience within the field or across fields), type of article (e.g., review article, case study, replication), reputation, and average time to publication.

Undergraduate Journals at UConn

The Long River Review
The Long River Review is a literary and arts journal that publishes poetry, fiction, creative non-fiction, translations, other creative works, and art (any medium) by current undergraduate, graduate, and professional school students at the University of Connecticut.

The Mirror: University of Connecticut Undergraduate Sociology Journal
The Mirror is an undergraduate sociological journal run by and for students. It publishes articles written and edited by undergraduates. Read the UConn Today story about its creation here.

The UConn Undergraduate Political Review
The UConn Undergraduate Political Review is a scholarly venue for diverse analyses of political events and issues. It publishes articles written, edited, and reviewed by undergraduates.

The UConn Undergraduate Science Journal
The UConn Undergraduate Science Journal is an online, open-access, peer-reviewed academic journal dedicated to the select publication of independent research conducted by UConn undergraduate students within all STEM disciplines, that is any research that explores the physical sciences using the scientific method.

Additional Undergraduate Journals

The resource sheet below provides you with a list of journals that focus primarily on publishing undergraduate research and creative work. Review the information on the journals, including the submission guidelines outlined on their websites, to determine whether one or more of these journals might be an appropriate venue for your work.

Undergraduate Research Journals