International Travel

Students interested in traveling outside the United States as part of their research or creative projects must demonstrate that they have made adequate preparations for the logistics and challenges of research and creative work abroad.

Award applicants proposing international travel will be required to answer additional questions related to their travel plans. Use the questions below to guide your background research and preparation. You are also encouraged to schedule an appointment with an OUR Advisor and faculty mentors to discuss your plans.

  • To which country (or countries) will you be traveling? How did you determine that this country (these countries) were appropriate locales in which to conduct your research?
  • Do you have a faculty advisor with whom you have discussed your proposed work in this country (these countries)?
  • Within the country (or countries) to which you would travel, where would you be conducting your project? Do you have contacts in that country (representatives of institutions or organizations, or private individuals) that support your work? Be as specific as possible in naming proposed locations and contacts.
  • How do you plan to navigate language differences while abroad? If English is not in common usage, what is your level of proficiency in the relevant language(s), and if necessary, what are your proposed arrangements for translation services?
  • Where do you propose to live while working on your project abroad? Be specific in describing your proposed housing (apartment, hotel, other) with contact information and pricing.
  • What transportation arrangements do you foresee within country (e.g., walk from housing to project site, municipal bus between project sites).
  • Does the country to which you intend to travel require special clearance from its government in order to engage in research activities (e.g., a project-specific research permit or visa)?

The review committees will look for evidence that applicants have researched these matters as part of their assessment of the viability of the project, and have begun making appropriate arrangements and contacts.

Travel Registration

Students engaging in international travel for academic purposes must register with UConn Global Affairs – Education Abroad in accordance with the UConn Student International Travel Policy. Students will be automatically enrolled and covered by Cultural Insurance Services International (CISI) Health Insurance for the duration of their trips upon their completion of the UConn Education Abroad student travel registration form. Learn more about health insurance costs and the Education Abroad registration procedure.

Travel Restrictions

The University will not permit or support travel to any country with a Level 3 or 4 U.S. Department of State Travel Warning or Travel Alert except pursuant to a Waiver approved by the Provost under the Policy for Education Abroad and Related Activities in Sites with a U.S. Department of State Travel Warning/Travel Alert.

Please contact the Office of Undergraduate Research with additional questions or concerns related to funding for international travel.