Work-Study Research Assistant Program

Program Overview

The Work-Study Research Assistant Program (WSRAP) provides undergraduate students who have a federal work-study award with an opportunity to develop research skills and explore their academic interests by working as a research assistant under the supervision of a faculty mentor. These meaningful research assistant positions allow students to develop foundational research skills that they can build on as they progress through their academic career. Participation in undergraduate research is also a great way for students to explore their academic interests, learn about how research is conducted at the university, and develop transferable skills useful in a range of fields. Read more about what other UConn undergraduates have to say about how they have benefited from engaging in undergraduate research.

Students who have been awarded and have accepted federal work-study as part of their financial aid package for the 2024-2025 academic year are eligible to apply for one or more of the WSRAP research job postings in the Student Employment/JobX platform. The listing of WSRAP research assistant opportunities is available on the Opportunities tab. Job opportunities for the 2024-2025 academic year will be posted beginning in June and will continue to be added through mid-August.

Dates & Deadlines

Faculty interested in hiring a research assistant through the WSRAP Program may begin submitting job descriptions to the Office of Undergraduate Research on May 17. OUR will review research assistant job descriptions as they are received and will submit the positions to UConn's JobX platform for approval and posting from June through mid-August.

The Opportunities listing is alphabetical by Faculty Department, but the list may be sorted by Faculty Name, Job Posting number, or Job Status. Students may apply to more than one posting if it aligns with their goals and interests. Students should pay close attention to the information required for each job posting and upload all requested information (e.g., resume, cover letter, availability, references). Only applications from undergraduate students with work-study awards will be considered. 

Key Deadlines:

  • May 17, 2024 - WSRAP Submission Form opens
  • June through August, 2024 - Students awarded federal work-study may apply for WSRAP positions through JobX
  • August 1, 2024 - Deadline for students awarded federal work-study to "accept" their work-study aid (in Student Admin)
  • August 9, 2024 - Deadline for faculty to submit a work-study research assistant position via the WSRAP Submission Form 
  • August 23, 2024 - First day that work-study students may begin working, if all hiring processes are complete
  • September 13, 2024 - Deadline for work-study students to secure employment (set by Office of Student Financial Aid Services - Student Employment)

Eligibility & Program Requirements

To be eligible to apply for a WSRAP position, a student applicant must:

  • Be an undergraduate student with a federal work-study award for the 2024-25 academic year
  • Have accepted their federal work-study award online in Student Admin PRIOR to the August 1, 2024 deadline

Students hired through the Work-Study Research Assistant Program are expected to complete the following program requirements:

  • Complete one professional development experience between September 1st and March 1st and submit a brief reflection report within two weeks of the experience. For example:
    • Attend a Center for Career Development (CCD) in-person or virtual/online program/presentation;
    • Attend a colloquium, dissertation defense, or lecture relevant to your research area;
    • Other events/programs may count towards this requirement; check with OUR prior to attending to confirm the experience will count.
  • Complete one advising appointment with an OUR staff member each semester to discuss your research work, learning, goals, challenges/concerns, and next steps.
  • Prior to each advising appointment, students will complete a mid-semester reflection form on their WSRAP experience to date, which they will discuss during the advising appointment. The Fall mid-semester reflection form will be available in mid-October. The Spring mid-semester reflection form will be available in late February.
  • Complete an end-of-year reflection by May 1, 2025. All students are encouraged to discuss this reflection with their faculty supervisor.

The time spent by students completing professional development activities, completing the mid-semester reflections, and completing the end-of-year reflection should be reported as work time. As students approach their maximum award amounts, we encourage students and faculty to plan ahead and reserve work hours for these tasks.


Work-Study Research Assistant Program Resources

Office of Student Financial Aid Services - Student Employment

UConn Payroll Department

Center for Career Development

Contact Us

Enrichment Programs/Office of Undergraduate Research Staff Contacts

  • Micah Heumann, Director, OUR,; 860-486-1255
  • Jodi Eskin, Program Administrator & Advisor, OUR,; 860-486-7939
  • Anabel Perez Malone, Director of Business Services, Enrichment Program,