UConn IDEA Grant Recipients

The UConn IDEA Grant provides an opportunity for students to engage in self-designed creative, innovative and original projects, including artistic endeavors, entrepreneurial ventures, research projects and service initiatives. The possibilities are endless. The slides below highlight a few of the award recipients in our 20th and 21st cohorts, and showcase the diversity of student projects. Complete lists of award recipients can be found below the slides.

   Cohort 21/Spring 2023 UConn IDEA Grant Recipients              Cohort 20/Fall 2022 UConn IDEA Grant Recipients       

  • UConn IDEA Grant Bio for Chelsea Erem '23, Allied Health Sciences Major.

UConn IDEA Grant Recipients

21 groups of students have been awarded UConn IDEA Grants since the program's inception in Spring 2013. View the names of recipients and their project titles by cohort below. Click on the tiled images below to view the recipient names and project titles by cohort.

UConn IDEA Grant Cohort 21 - Spring 2023.
UConn IDEA Grant Cohort 20 - Fall 2022.
Cohort 18, Fall 2021.
Cohort 18, Fall 2021.
Cohort 17, Spring 2021.
Cohort 16, Fall 2020.
Cohort 15. Spring 2020.
Cohort 14. Fall 2019.
Cohort 13. Spring 2019.
Cohort 12. Fall 2018.
Cohort 11, Spring 2018
Cohort 10 / Fall 2017
Cohort 9 - Spring 2017
Cohort 8
Cohort 7
Cohort 6
Cohort 5
Cohort 4
Cohort 3
Cohort 2
Cohort 1