UConn IDEA Grant Recipients

UConn IDEA Grant Recipients
Alumni Spotlight
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The UConn IDEA Grant provides an opportunity for students to engage in self-designed creative, innovative and original projects, including artistic endeavors, entrepreneurial ventures, research projects and service initiatives. The possibilities are endless. The slides below highlight a few of the award recipients in our 12th and 13th cohorts, and showcase the diversity of student projects. Complete lists of award recipients can be found below the slides.

COHORT 13/Spring 2019 UConn IDEA Grant Recipients           COHORT 12/Fall 2018 UConn IDEA Grant Recipients

  • Marlene Abouaassi IDEA Recipient Bio.
  • IDEA Recipient Kobe Amos Bio.
    Fall 2018 / Cohort 12 Award Recipient Bios

UConn IDEA Grant Recipients

Eleven groups of students have been awarded UConn IDEA Grants since the program's inception in Spring 2013. View the names of recipients and their project titles by cohort below. Click on the tiled images below to view the recipient names and project titles by cohort.

Cohort 13. Spring 2019.
Cohort 12. Fall 2018.
Cohort 11, Spring 2018
Cohort 10 / Fall 2017
Cohort 9 - Spring 2017
Cohort 8
Cohort 7
Cohort 6
Cohort 5
Cohort 4
Cohort 3
Cohort 2
Cohort 1

Alumni Spotlight

UConn IDEA Grant Recipients are encouraged to share their work with audiences of their choosing. This can take many forms, from a poster presentation at a professional conference to a film screening, based on what is most appropriate for the project. The slides below highlight a few of the ways IDEA Grant Recipients have disseminated their research findings and shared their creative endeavors with others. There are also profiles of UConn IDEA Grant program alumni for additional inspiration. Click on the alumni profiles to read more about the recipients and their amazing projects.

  • Rosse Gates & Gazment Sosoli

Additional Ideas

As you can see from the profiles of IDEA Grant recipients, the types of projects that are awarded funding span all disciplines. Hopefully reviewing those profiles has provided you with some inspiration. The list below can provide additional fuel for your creative fires as you begin brainstorming possible project ideas.

  • Write and direct a short film
  • Conduct an original research project
  • Implement a community service initiative
  • Mount an exhibition of your original art
  • Design and build a prototype
  • Create an outreach plan to share resources with impoverished communities
  • Develop a puppetry project
  • Assess the benefits of new educational technologies used in the classrooms
  • Create a digital media ad campaign
  • Develop a resource to help local farmers integrate sustainable practices
  • Design and construct a fashion collection
  • Compose and record an original musical piece
  • Conduct market research for an entrepreneurial venture
  • Identify a problem of social or economic significance and explore possible solutions
  • Develop a series of events to benefit the UConn community
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of a particular type of intervention
  • Create a new and innovative app, video game or other software
  • Take the first steps in starting a business or non-profit

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