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Recipient Spotlight

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Alumni Profiles

Click on the images below to learn more about the inaugural cohort of UConn Co-op Legacy Fellows and their summer 2017 projects.

Colby Buehler '18, Chemical Engineering Major
Project Title: Analyzing the Effect of Drift from Conventional to Organic Farmland

Read more about Colby's Co-op Legacy Fellowship project

Shivani Dave - Project Portrait

Shivani Dave '20, Physiology & Neurobiology
Project Title: Adapting Cognitive Behavior Therapies

Read more about Shivani's Co-op Legacy Fellowship project



Austin MacDonald '18, Art - Illustration/Animation Major

Project Title: Prodigal: A Cut Paper Comic Book

Read more about Austin's Co-op Legacy Fellowship project



Savannah-Nicole Villalba '18, Sociology, Urban and Community Studies Double Major

Project Title: Waterbury, CT  Food Security Inventory

Read more about Savannah-Nicole's Co-op Legacy Fellowship project