Peer Research Ambassadors

Preparing for and Overcoming Roadblocks. By PRA Ian.

The Peer Research Ambassadors are UConn students who have engaged in research and creative activity during their undergraduate careers and want to help other students get involved. Ambassadors attend OUR workshops and help represent OUR at events such as career fairs and open houses. They also serve as an informal advisory board, sharing feedback with OUR administrators on how to improve outreach efforts and programming.

In addition, Peer Research Ambassadors are available to talk with students and share advice about getting started with and engaging in research, scholarship, and/or creative projects. If you're looking to get involved in these activities, it is extremely valuable to hear directly from other students about their experiences. Meet with them during OUR Drop-In Advising or click on their profiles below to reach out through email.

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Preparing for and Overcoming Roadblocks
By Ian Sands, Peer Research Ambassador

The beginning stages of research primarily consist of planning. That planning may pertain to a variety of things such as budget, timeline, procedure, and even how you plan to communicate the findings of your study. What may be most important to consider, however, is the inevitable reality that no research plan goes perfectly as planned a majority of the time.

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Peer Research Ambassador Profiles

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Alexandra Bettencourt '21.
Mukund Desibhatla '21.
Claire Fresher '22.
Brendan Hogan '21
Anisha Jain '22.
Pavitra Makarla '21.
Kerry Morgan '21.
OUR Peer Research Ambassador Shreya Murthy.
Oreo Olowe '21.
Ariana Rojas '21.
Sarah Tsuruo '21.
Lily Zhong '21.