Peer Research Ambassadors

Student Research Blog. Slow and Steady Wins the Race. By Stephanie Schofield, OUR Peer Research Ambassador.

The Peer Research Ambassadors (PRAs) are UConn students who have engaged in research and creative activity during their undergraduate careers and want to help other students get involved. PRAs attend OUR workshops and help represent OUR at events such as career fairs and open houses. They also serve as an informal advisory board, sharing feedback with OUR administrators on how to improve outreach efforts and programming.

In addition, Peer Research Ambassadors are available to talk with students and share advice about getting started with and engaging in research, scholarship, and/or creative projects. If you're looking to get involved in these activities, it is extremely valuable to hear directly from other students about their experiences. Meet with a Peer Research Ambassador by scheduling a one-on-one advising conversation.

Student Research Blog

Slow and Steady Wins the Race
By Stephanie Schofield, Peer Research Ambassador

If you’re anything like me, you sometimes have compulsive desires to take on extra commitments that will make you more “competitive” to jobs or graduate schools. Some of us are so nervous about not getting into our dream job or graduate school that we frantically join every relevant club, research project, or job that we can to beat the increasing competitiveness of the post-college world. Continue reading

Peer Research Ambassador Profiles

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Peer Research Ambassador Michelle Antony '23.
OUR Peer Research Ambassador Anabelle Bergstrom '25, Majors: Political Science, Philosophy.
OUR Peer Research Ambassador Erik Choi '23, Majors: Physiology & Neurobiology, Economics.
OUR Peer Research Ambassador Alex Clonan, Dec. '22, Majors: Electrical Engineering, Molecular & Cell Biology.
OUR Peer Research Ambassador Kira Cuneo '23, Major: Civil Engineering; Minor: Engineering Management.
OUR Peer Research Ambassador Alyssa Daniels '23, Major: Physiology & Neurobiology.
OUR Peer Research Ambassador Alexandra Goldhamer '23, Majors: Molecular & Cell Biology, Human Rights; Minor: Mathematics.
OUR Peer Research Ambassador Paul Isaac '23, Majors: Molecular & Cell Biology, Diagnostic Genetic Sciences; Minor: Bioinformatics.
OUR Peer Research Ambassador Jerome Jacobs '23, Majors: Allied Health Sciences; Minor: Global Studies.
OUR Peer Research Ambassador Ayushi Patel '23, Majors: Molecular & Cell Biology; Minor: English.
OUR Peer Research Ambassador Stephanie Schofield '23.
OUR Peer Research Ambassador Elisa Shaholli '23.