Funding Opportunities

The Office of Undergraduate Research (OUR) administers several different funding programs. Summary handout

UConn Co-op Legacy Fellowship Program – Change Grants

UConn Co-op Legacy Fellows engage in projects that represent the legacy of the UConn Co-op’s commitment to public engagement, innovation, and social impact, including service initiatives, creative endeavors, research, advocacy, and social entrepreneurship. Fellows receive up to $2000 to support project expenses. Applications are accepted twice per year in September and February.

Health Research Program

The Health Research Program offers a pathway into undergraduate research for students with interests in health and the biomedical sciences. This program connects students with UConn Health researchers offering the opportunity to engage in a research project at the Farmington campus. Descriptions of specific summer research opportunities are posted in early January with application materials due in early February. Selected students will receive a $4,000 stipend for a commitment of 360 hours of summer research (9 or 10 full-time weeks).

UConn IDEA Grants: Imagine / Develop / Engage / Apply

UConn IDEA Grants of up to $4,000 are available to support self-designed projects, including artistic products, community service initiatives, entrepreneurial ventures, creative endeavors and research projects. The Program is open to UConn undergraduates in all majors at all campuses, and applications are accepted from individuals and small groups. UConn IDEA Grant projects begin with an application, are developed during a period of planning, require a period of focused engagement, and end with public presentations.

ISA Awards for Undergraduate International Studies Research

ISA Awards for Undergraduate International Studies Research support social science projects that span countries, regions, or the globe. Jointly sponsored by the International Studies Association’s Headquarters and UConn’s Office of Global Affairs, these awards offer up to $1,000 per student to cover travel costs and other expenses associated with research projects in international studies. Applications are reviewed on a rolling basis.

OUR Supply Awards

OUR Supply Awards fund undergraduate researchers for up to $500 for research expenses. Students may use award funds to cover costs associated with their research projects, such as supplies and/or consumables in the laboratory or studio, printing and copying, or software. Students may not receive funds for living expenses during the academic year or for charges incurred for the UConn courses in which they are enrolled. Applications are reviewed on a rolling basis and awards are made until funds are exhausted. (In other words, apply early!)

OUR Travel Awards

OUR Travel Awards fund undergraduate researchers for up to $500 for travel to conduct research or for travel to present at a professional conference. Awards may be used to pay for conference registration, food, travel, parking, and lodging while away from UConn. Applications are reviewed on a rolling basis and awards are made until funds are exhausted. (In other words, apply early!)

SHARE Awards (Social Sciences, Humanities, and Arts Research Experience)

The SHARE program supports undergraduate research apprenticeships in the social sciences, humanities, and arts. SHARE is designed especially for students in the earlier stages of their college careers as an introduction to research in a chosen field and to develop the skills needed for further research projects. Applications are made in Fall Semester. During the Spring semester, student apprentices will receive a $1,500 stipend, and faculty mentors will receive a $500 professional development stipend.

SURF Awards (Summer Undergraduate Research Fund)

SURF awards support full-time undergraduate students who are engaged in summer research or creative projects under the supervision of a University of Connecticut faculty member. SURF awards are available to students in all majors at all UConn campuses. The deadline is early in the spring semester; awards are made for the summer. The maximum total amount awarded for SURF awards is $4,000 ($3,500 stipend for the student researcher and up to $500 for consumables associated with the project).

Work-Study Research Assistant Program

The Work-Study Research Assistant Program is a means of connecting students with federal work-study awards with opportunities to earn their awards by working as research assistants to UConn faculty. This program is restricted to students who have been offered and have accepted a federal work-study award as part of their financial aid package for the 2018-19 academic year. See more information for students or for faculty.

External Research Funding

There is a huge universe of funding sources outside of UConn!  Usually your faculty advisor can suggest funding sources specific to your major, but we also have a list and links to some databases to help in your search.