Research Assistant Opportunity in Reduced-Order Modeling of Fluid Dynamics

Opportunity Description

Potential projects for undergraduate research will be based on mutual interest. Some topics include:
1. Data-assimilation in climate-motivated reduced order models using semi-analytical approach
2. Robust control of a reduced-order model of spatially developing flows
3. Fixed-flux convection analyzed by reduced-order models
4. Analysis and reduced-order model of flow over hydrophobic surfaces

The student’s responsibilities include problem formulation, programming, and data analysis.

Expected time commitment will be 9 hours per week with duration of at least one semester. The student may earn credit of independent study. Mentor will also encourage and support the application of summer research fellowship.

Student Qualifications
Students are required to be enrolled in an STEM major with a strong background in mathematics (especially calculus and linear algebra), physics, and computer programming (Python or MATLAB). Prior research experience, courses in fluid dynamics, and plan to pursue a Ph.D. program are desired but not required.

How to Apply
Interested students can apply this research opportunity by sending an email to Dr. Chang Liu via with a copy of CV and transcript. A paragraph describing why you are interested in this opportunity, what you plan to do, and the preferred research duration will be appreciated.

Mentor: Chang Liu, Assistant Professor
Department: Mechanical Engineering
Timing: Ongoing
Campus: Storrs