Work-Study Research Assistant Program – 2023-24 Student Participants

Program Requirements

Student participants in the 2023-24 Work-Study Research Assistant Program are expected to complete the following program requirements:

  • Complete one professional development experience between September 1st and March 1st and submit a brief reflection report within two weeks of the experience. For example:
    • Attend a Center for Career Development (CCD) in-person or virtual/online program/presentation;
    • Attend a colloquium, dissertation defense, or lecture relevant to your research area;
    • Other events/programs may count towards this requirement; check with OUR prior to attending to confirm the experience will count.
  • Complete one advising appointment with an OUR staff member each semester to discuss your research work, learning, goals, challenges/concerns, and next steps.
  • Prior to each advising appointment, you will complete a mid-semester reflection form on your WSRAP experience to date, which you’ll discuss during your advising appointment. The Fall mid-semester reflection form will be available in mid-October. The Spring mid-semester reflection form will be available in late February.
  • Complete an end-of-year reflection by May 1, 2024. Additional details on the year-end reflection will be posted later this fall. We encourage students to discuss this reflection with their mentors.

The time spent by students completing professional development activities, completing the mid-semester reflections, and completing the end-of-year reflection should be reported as work time. As students approach their maximum award amounts, we encourage students and faculty to plan ahead and reserve work hours for these tasks.