UConn Research Opportunity

• Research Assistant in Experimental Anthropology Lab

Opportunity Description We have a summer opportunity for students to be research assistants in the project Dynamics of fan’s experience during games. The task includes editing videos and coding research material. It will be developed in our lab at Storrs campus. This unpaid opportunity is ideal for students that have time during the summer from […]

• Research Opportunities in Community Nutrition

There are several undergraduate research opportunities available in the Community Nutrition Research Lab for the coming semesters and summer. Details follow below, along with information about the relevant contacts for these opportunities. “Healthy Fathers, Healthy Kids”: A community-based childhood obesity prevention program for low-income fathers and their preschool aged children Seeking student assistants: Spring 2017, […]

• Research Assistant in Food Microbiology Lab

Opportunity Description Depending on previous experience and interest, students will assist with ongoing research projects including but not limited to identifying and optimizing natural and novel means of controlling pathogens in cheese. These include the use of GRAS antimicrobials (e.g. hydrogen peroxide, lauric arginate ethyl ester, polylysine, and acidified calcium sulfate), protective cultures of lactic […]

• Research Assistant in Biomedical/Clinical Research

Opportunity Description Patient outcomes research in clinical medicine utilizing large nationwide databases to investigate clinical questions related to liver disease and liver transplant. This is an opportunity for prospective students interested in being involved in biomedical research with the goal of learning and manipulating large medical databases. With the guidance of the mentor and statistical […]

• Research Lab in Obesity Prevention

Opportunity Description Community-Based Participatory Research in Obesity Prevention – This 5-credit course is intended to be taken as part of a year-long sequence; part II will be offered in Spring 2015. This course provides a unique opportunity to study a complex health problem – obesity – from a social ecological perspective and to work with […]

• Research Assistant for Education/Psychology Students

Opportunity Description Dr. Kearns’s work focuses on word reading difficulties in children in 3rd, 4th, and 5th grades. He studies the basic processes involved in word reading in children (links to cognitive and developmental psychology) and designs interventions to improve reading outcomes in these struggling readers. Work in his lab involves two kinds of tasks: […]