2011 SHARE Awardees

Art and Art History

Project Title: Cheek by Jowl II: New Sculpture for Solo Exhibition at Soho20 Chelsea Gallery, NYC
Faculty Mentor: Monica Bock, Associate Professor
Student Apprentice: Taylor Byrne, Freshman

Project Title: Den Permanente and the Making of Danish Modern
Faculty Mentor: Jean Givens, Associate Department Head
Student Apprentice: Cassandra Fiorenza, Junior

Human Development and Family Studies
Project Title: Contrasting Dyads and Triads as they Build Alliance through Jumpstart
Faculty Mentor: JoAnn Robinson, Professor
Student Apprentice: Stephanie Godbout, Junior

Political Science
Project Title: Public attitudes and behaviors about politically motivated consumption
Faculty Mentor: Sam Best, Associate Professor
Student Apprentice: Tess Johnson, Sophomore

Project Title: The Federal Response to Fiscal Distress in the States: An Historical Perspective
Faculty Mentor: Jeffrey Grynaviski, Assistant Professor in Residence
Student Apprentice: Daniel Reeves, Junior

Project Title: Law and Social Protest on the Right to Food: India in Comparative Perspective
Faculty Mentor: Shareen Hertel, Associate Professor
Student Apprentice: Jennifer Guha, Junior

Project Title: Compromised Equality: Sex Discrimination and the Battle for Constitutional Rights
Faculty Mentor: Virginia Hettinger, Associate Professor
Student Apprentice: Claire Simonich, Sophomore

Project Title: Political Communication and Media Coverage of US Policy Reforms
Faculty Mentor: Peter Kingstone, Associate Professor
Student Apprentice: Megan Fleck, Sophomore

Project Title: CIRI Human Rights Data Project
Faculty Mentor: David Richards, Associate Professor
Student Apprentice: David Schwegman, Sophomore

Project Title: District Level Electoral Fragmentation in Canada, India, and the UK
Faculty Mentor: Matthew Singer, Assistant Professor
Student Apprentice: Alexandra Raleigh, Junior