Co-op Legacy Fellows Justin Amengual, Emily Miller, and Kaylee Walsh

Crawfish Based Aquaponics System for Spring Valley Student Farm

Fall 2021 UConn Co-op Legacy Fellowship – Change Grant Project

Project Summary

Justin Amengual, Emily Miller, and Kaylee Walsh designed and constructed an aquaponics system for the Spring Valley Student Farm that uses crawfish as the main source of nutrients for plants grown in the system.

UConn Co-op Legacy Fellows Justin Amengual, Kaylee Walsh, and Emily Miller.About Justin

Justin is a senior Chemical Engineering major with a minor in chemistry. Following graduation in the May 2022 term he will be pursuing a higher degree through the University of Connecticut’s Polymer Science PhD program. While his passion for environmental sustainability is most commonly manifested as an interest in renewable energy, the change grant has allowed him to branch out into the field of sustainable agriculture. As a part of the ‘Crawfish Based Aquaponics’ project here at UConn, Justin constructed and designed a sustainable farming system alongside his cohorts Emily Miller and Kaylee Walsh. He is very excited to continue his academic career at the university!

About Emily

Emily is a senior majoring in Chemical Engineering and minoring in Environmental Engineering. She has been hired by Eastman Chemical Company to work as a Process Improvement Engineer once she graduates in May 2022. Emily chose to pursue a minor in Environmental Engineering because she is very passionate about the topic of environmental sustainability, and this project has allowed her to learn more about sustainable farming and agriculture.

About Kaylee

Kaylee Walsh is a senior Chemical Engineering major who is graduating in May 2022. After graduation she plans to move to Rhode Island and start her job as a process engineer at Hart Companies in the Hart Design Group. As a part of her senior design project, she worked in a team to design an aquaponics system at the spring valley student farm and hopes that the educational system will inspire others to utilize more sustainable farming practices.