Cohort 2 BOLD Scholars’ Reflections

For nearly a year, Cohort 2 worked on their service/leadership project plans. They dreamed big and designed incredible, unique experiences for themselves. Six weeks before their projects were to begin, the world shut down. COVID-19 stopped all travel and all in-person activities. Plans that once included interviews and explorations of new people and places needed to be completely reworked with only a couple of weeks notice and tons of uncertainty. It may have felt impossible. But these are BOLD women… and BOLD women persist. While the second cohort of BOLD Scholars didn’t get to implement their projects as originally envisioned, they accomplished wonderful things. Here they are sharing their reflections on being BOLD during a pandemic and pushing through countless obstacles to impact their passions for making positive social change.

Please enjoy hearing from the second BOLD cohort about their experience in their own words.

Introduction to BOLD

Laura Bedoya

Natalie Roach

Noor Taweh

Alani Arias

Wesia Malik

Simran Sehgal

Mara Tu

A Special Thank You