Documenting Safety Training for OUR Programs

In order to participate in OUR programs, students must document their completion of a safety training assessment as well as their completion of the safety training requirements indicated in the assessment results. Detailed instructions for documenting your safety training follow below.

Documenting the results of the safety training assessment

  1. Together with your faculty research mentor, complete the Employee Safety Training Assessment (ESTA). This isn’t just for employees – any student engaging in a research or creative project in a setting with hazards (e.g., lab, theater, studio) should complete the assessment to identify the courses they need to complete so they are prepared to work safely in that environment.
  2. Upon completion of the ESTA, you and your mentor will receive two emails. One message confirms your completion of the ESTA and provides a link back to the completed ESTA in case you need to make any updates. One message lists the EHS ESTA course requirements for the student. Samples of this course requirements message appear below; this is the message you need to provide to OUR to document the results of the ESTA.

Image of ESTA Training Requirements

Image of ESTA Training Requirements

Image of ESTA Training Requirements

Completing the safety training requirements

You will be able to complete some requirements together with your mentor (e.g., reviewing the Workplace Hazard Assessment), some online (e.g., reviewing the Chemical Hygiene Plan or completing online training courses), and some through in-person training (e.g., Initial Laboratory Safety & Chemical Waste Management).

For in-person trainings, following the links in the ESTA course requirements email will show you your options for training dates and times. Click on the course title to log in and register. Registration is required. Make note of the date, time, and location of the training you select.

If you have previously completed training requirements listed in your ESTA results, you may not need to retake those trainings. Completion of most training requirements will remain valid for the duration of your undergraduate career. There are three exceptions, which must be repeated annually (every 12 months):

  • Laboratory Safety & Chemical Waste Management – Initial in-person training, retraining in HuskyCT
  • Bloodborne Pathogens – Initial in-person training, retraining in person or in HuskyCT
  • Asbestos Awareness

If one of these requirements is listed in your ESTA results and you completed the training within the past year, check the date in your training history (see instructions in section below) to confirm that your training is up to date. If it has been more than a year since you completed a course that requires annual retraining, you will be required to retake the initial training.

For answers to frequently asked questions about training, visit Environmental Health and Safety’s Training Common Questions page.

Documenting your completion of the safety training requirements

To document your completion of the safety training requirements in your ESTA results, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the EHS Training webpage. Scroll down to “View Training History,” then click on the “Individual” link to display your training history. Please note that training completed in HuskyCT may not be reflected in your training history for up to 2 business days following completion of that training.
  2. Take a screenshot of your training history.
  3. Submit that screenshot to OUR. If any of the ESTA course requirements are not reflected in your training history, please provide confirmation that you have addressed those items (e.g., “My supervisor and I reviewed the Workplace Hazard Assessment,” “I have registered for the 9/5/18 Initial Laboratory Safety & Chemical Waste Management training”).