The President’s Research Investment in Sustainability Measures, Actions, Technologies, Initiatives, and Communities

President Radenka Maric is deeply committed to environmental sustainability and has set a goal of reducing UConn’s carbon footprint to carbon neutral by 2030. UConn’s research strengths are a cornerstone of this effort. Faculty members across the University have dedicated their research to climate change mitigation, clean energy, and creating a more sustainable future.

A grid of four images show a student testing the water in Mirror Lake, a student collecting samples from a tree branch, a group of students participating in a climate strike, and a student observing bee behavior. Overlaid at the center is a faceted circle in shades of blue and green with text reading PRISMATIC.Thankfully, our faculty are not alone in their research pursuits. UConn undergraduate students are at the heart of the effort to develop deeper understandings and innovative solutions to meet the moment and further environmental justice. They play a critically important role in identifying needs and opportunities, designing and executing initiatives, and developing creative solutions related to sustainability. Moreover, our students have demonstrated a commitment to sustainability and the expectation that UConn embrace green and blue technology.

In recognition of undergraduate students' roles as innovators and catalysts for change, the Office of Undergraduate Research, UConn Research, and the Office of the Provost are excited to announce PRISMATIC – the President’s Research Investment in Sustainability Measures, Actions, Technologies, Initiatives, and Communities. PRISMATIC commits $50,000 to support students’ engagement in sustainability projects through the following OUR programs:

PRISMATIC is intended to support a broad spectrum of experiential learning opportunities for undergraduate students. In addition to inquiry projects across the academic disciplines, these funding programs support a diverse range of advocacy, service, design, and community engagement projects that will allow students to pursue knowledge and take action in furtherance of equitable sustainability. Examples of student projects in these areas follow below.

The Office of Undergraduate Research will assess the suitability of all projects supported through these programs for PRISMATIC funding. Each of these programs is open to applications from UConn undergraduates at all campuses; additional eligibility requirements vary by program and are listed on the program webpages linked above. Please contact us at with any questions about PRISMATIC or OUR’s funding programs.

Amelia Martin '23 (CAHNR) - Change Grant

Meg Shah '24 (CLAS) - SURF Award

Hailey Baranowski '24 (CAHNR, CLAS) - SURF Award

Rebha Raviraj '22 (CLAS) - SURF Award

Skyler Kim ’23 (CAHNR, SFA), Duy Le ’22 (SFA), Sarah Oxner ’23 (SFA), & Lauren Pawlowski ’22 (CLAS) - UConn IDEA Grant

Harry Zehner ’21 (CLAS) - SURF Award

Harry Zehner is pictured at COP25.