Summer 2019 Partnership for Innovation & Education (PIE) Research Opportunity Description Form

This form is for UConn HEALTH FACULTY interested in hosting a student summer researcher through the Partnership for Innovation and Education (PIE) program for Summer 2019. See the PIE Program website for more information: The PIE program covers the student’s summer research stipend; you need to provide a project, mentorship, supplies and space. The purpose of this form is for you to tell us what kind of student you are looking for, and what kind of research project you have in mind. Research projects must be Bioscience, Biotechnology, or Bioengineering-related. Faculty at UConn Health, Jackson Labs, CCMC, CCSU, SCSU, Trinity College, University of Hartford, University of St. Joseph, or Tunxis Community College are eligible to apply to be host mentors.

Timeline: Please complete this form no later than Friday, February 1, 2019. You will be contacted by February 6 with the applications of students who best matched to your project, and you will then be able to choose which student you want to host. We are especially seeking mentors who are willing to consider extending the research project into the academic year through Independent Study.

Please contact Dr. Caroline Dealy with any questions about the PIE Program.

Summer 2019 UConn Health PIE Research Opportunity Description Form

  • This is the person who will maintain a student file in the department, help route documents for signature, be copied on financial transactions, etc.
  • Undergraduate Research Opportunity

    We are currently seeking faculty who wish to sponsor a Summer 2019 research opportunity that can continue into academic year 2019-20. In this section, please provide information about the opportunity you will supervise.
  • Please provide a 3-4 sentence description of the research opportunity available for the summer. This should help the student understand the nature of the research project and what s/he would do during the summer if selected for this opportunity.
  • Please provide a 2-3 sentence description of the broader research direction to which the summer project contributes. This should help the student understand how the project will continue into the academic year.
  • Please select the level of time commitment expected during the fall semester, assuming the research placement continues. Articulating this expectation now will help students determine which opportunities are appropriate for them. Note: Multiples of 3 are given as options because the standard formula for academic credit is 1 credit for each 3 hours of weekly research.
  • Please list the qualifications required for this opportunity. Qualifications might include specific skills, coursework completed/in progress, and/or academic interests related to the research project.
  • Please describe the possible times during which a student could complete his/her research hours under the appropriate supervision (e.g., Monday-Friday 9am through 6pm).

    Note: If a student were to elect to stay on the Storrs campus for the summer and use the shuttle to commute to Farmington, the shuttle schedule would allow for work 9am-4pm. We encourage you to accommodate a shuttle-supported work schedule if possible. Of course, students may elect to use other modes of transportation and/or to make a housing arrangement close to UConn Health.

  • Please outline your plan to train, supervise, and mentor your research assistant. How will you monitor his/her progress? How will you provide feedback?
  • Training Requirements

    In anticipation of coordinating training for participating students, please answer the question below to help us gauge training needs.
  • Please check all of the items below that apply to your research placement.
  • PIE Fellows

    In this section, please provide information regarding your preferences for the characteristics of the PIE fellow(s) you will host this summer.
  • Would you be interested in mentoring a second student researcher through the PIE program?