ISA Award – Faculty Recommendation Form

This form is to be completed by a faculty member in support of a student's application for an ISA Award for Undergraduate International Studies Research. ISA Awards provide up to $1,000 in funding for students conducting social sciences projects that span countries, regions, or the globe.

NOTE: This form has a "Save and Continue" option. You may choose to save your responses and complete the form at a later date by selecting the "Save and Continue Later" link at the end of the form. However, the form link is only valid for 30 days.

  • Please provide your UConn email address. If you are a faculty member from another institution, please provide your school/college email address.
  • Please list your title and your department (for example: Associate Professor, Sociology)
  • Please indicate your UConn school/college. If you are not a UConn faculty member, please select "Other."
  • Please select your UConn campus affiliation. If you are not a UConn faculty member, please select "Other."
  • Please comment on how receiving this project funding will enrich the student's educational experience at UConn and support his/her learning. Maximum 1500 characters.
  • Please type your name as confirmation that you have completed this form.