HRP SU17-8: Research Opportunity with Dr. Min Jung Kim

Project Mentor

Dr. Min Jung Kim
Calhoun Cardiology Center

Undergraduate Research Opportunity Description

Project Description Cardiovascular Disease IOS App Development
We want to develop an IOS app based on the HealthKit, ResearchKit, and CareKit frameworks that Apple provides. The app is focused on the patients with cardiovascular disease. The use of our app enables patients to better understand the value of health monitoring and to facilitate communicating with the doctor.
Mentorship and Supervision I will define the work list for the week and I will make a weekly meeting in order to review the progress the student made during the week, to define the work for the next week, and evaluate the flow of the project. Also, I will get the daily summary of the work the student made by email.
Student Qualifications
  • – IOS App Development Experience
  • – Software Experience: Objective-C or Swift
  • – Knowledge in Database Management
Summer Schedule Options Research Dates: 9-10 full-time weeks to be scheduled between May 8 and August 18, 2017
Schedule: M-Th, 9am-4pm
NOTE: This is a standalone summer opportunity that will not continue into the academic year.


Submit an online application for this research opportunity using the form below. The application deadline is Friday, February 24, 2017.

This application requires a cover letter, a resume or CV, an unofficial transcript, and a brief statement of career interests.