Fall Frontiers 2020

View the Program: Fall Frontiers Undergraduate Research Online ExhibitionWelcome to the 2020 Fall Frontiers Undergraduate Research Online Exhibition!

Like most aspects of the fall semester, Fall Frontiers looks different in 2020. As we cannot gather safely in person to see students present their research and creative projects, we invited students to submit posters and short video presentations for compilation in the exhibition program. Links to those materials, hosted on the Portfolium e-portfolio platform, are included in the exhibition program alongside the individual project listings.

In addition to viewing and commenting on the projects in Portfolium, we invite you to participate in two live, online presentation sessions to hear from student researchers and ask questions about their projects and experiences. Details about the live sessions are available below.

Fall Frontiers is part of the Month of Discovery, a series of impactful and informative events designed to connect undergraduates to the opportunities they seek in enrichment, research, innovation, and creativity.

We thank students, faculty mentors, and staff colleagues for their patience, support, and positivity as Fall Frontiers moved online. We are pleased to have this opportunity to celebrate students’ ideas, questions, explorations, discoveries, and creations in a form that keeps UConn Nation safe, healthy, and connected.

Live Session 1: 10/26, 6-7pm

Monday, October 26, 2020 • 6:00-7:00pm

Annika Benedetti ’21 (Natural Resources, CAHNR)
Effects of an Increased Density Treatment on Tadpole Development during Frog Virus 3 Epidemics

Caroline Hebert ’21 (Speech, Language, and Hearing Sciences & Cognitive Science, CLAS)
Effects of Language Experience on Spontaneous Counting as an Augmentative Tool for Mapping

Jacob Krucinski ’24 (Computer Science and Engineering, ENG)
Machine Learning for Missile Streak Tracking

Sarah Platt ’22 (Biological Sciences, CLAS)
Sow, Grow, Savor: An Intergenerational Edible Gardening Program

Calli Smith ’21 (Cognitive Science, CLAS)
Effects of Presentation Contrast and Response Hand on Phoneme Perception

Live Session 2: 10/29, 5-6pm

Thursday, October 29, 2020 • 5:00-6:00pm

Jolene Addi ’21 (Psychological Sciences, CLAS)
The Microbiota-Gut-Brain Axis: Intestinal Inflammation and Psychological Disorders

Kerry Morgan ’21 (Molecular and Cell Biology, CLAS; Allied Health Sciences, CAHNR)
The Effects of Altered FGF8 Signaling on Atoh1 Expression in the Cerebellum

Aidan Riley ’21 (Biomedical Engineering, ENG)
Island Genetic Algorithms for Parameter Estimation in the COPASI Software

Danielle Schwartz ’20 (Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, CLAS)
How Does Habitat Fragmentation Affect Resource Use by Bark Foraging Birds? A Systematic Map

Joseph Tracey ’21 (Materials Science and Engineering, ENG)
Materials VR Incorporated: A VR Materials Characterization Laboratory