Co-op Legacy Fellow Taylor Endress

Taylor Endress '20, Social Work
Summer 2019 UConn Co-op Legacy Fellow

Private Boarding High School vs. Public High School LGBTQIA+ Issues

Project Summary

There is limited research about LGBTQIA+ faculty leadership and their knowledge about LGBTQIA+ related student issues in private boarding high school setting and public high schools. To address the gap in the literature, Taylor conducted a study to assess educator’s knowledge base and exposure regarding their LGBTQIA+ students among their high school’s population. Taylor utilized a case study methodology along with semi-structured interview questions to gather information from faculty advisors who lead LGBTQIA+ affinity groups at their schools.

About Taylor

Taylor Endress (Tucker) received his BSW from the UConn School of Social Work in 2020. He is currently pursuing his MSW at UConn with a concentration area of policy practice. Taylor’s goal is to work to improve healthcare policies by making healthcare accessible, affordable, and affirmative to all LGBTQ+ individuals with an emphasis and focus on those who identify as transgender.

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