Co-op Legacy Fellow Alison Ramirez Cahuana

Alison Ramirez-Cahuana '22, Actuarial Science, Finance
Summer 2019 UConn Co-op Legacy Fellow

860 Xcel Summer Program

Project Summary

Female’s voices are left out in most communities. It has become normal in urban cities to stereotype female students because of the poor life conditions, and low opportunities that are not offered in their city. In this project, young women students from the three main Hartford Public high schools will come together to address the issue of fewer opportunities in sports and skills improvement in the Greater Hartford Area. This program will also offer social opportunities that will bridge the gap between this three schools by making them come together to play for the city of Hartford as one team in a volleyball tournament hosted by CT Sports Center. Moreover, they will be able to start the school year prepared for the volleyball season and ready to engage in school activities and academic opportunities for high school and post-secondary education through series of workshops that will be provided by our partner Xcel, Inc.

This project shows innovation because it will be the first program that will empower women in sportsmanship, personal and leadership development in an urban city. No one has ever seen female students from these three main high schools come together to represent the city of Hartford. The social impact that this program will have in the Hartford community will be greater because our students will be prepared to take advantage of the opportunities that the city has to offer. Moreover, we will build better female professionals in sports and academics. Finally, this program will be a way for the students to come together to mend forces between rival schools. It will also be one of the best ways to decrease the numbers of women involved in gangs in urban areas.

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About Alison

My name is Alison Ramirez Cahuana. I am currently pursuing a double major in Actuarial Science. I am part of the Student Support Service family. Also, I am involved in different club around campus. I am vice-president and treasurer of Circle K International, UConn Persa member, part of PRLACC and a mentee of METAS. I am a former student of Hartford Public High Schools where I have volunteered about 2 years in organizing toy drives, fundraising, wrapping gifts, cooking for homeless, supporting walks and marathons.