• Student Accomplishments – March 2015


Please join us in congratulating the UConn undergraduates named below for the significant research and creative accomplishments they have earned to date this spring. Students: if you have an accomplishment to share, please do so using this online form.


ASHA logoEmily Thompson ’15 (CLAS) is the recipient of a 2014-15 ASHA Students Preparing for Academic-Research Careers (SPARC) Award from the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA). This is a mentored award to support students who are pursuing careers in academia that integrate research and clinical practice. Emily’s Honors thesis research component will examine the effects of reading ability on perceptual learning in adults, and her teaching component will be to assist her advisor, Dr. Rachel Theodore, in preparing fMRI and EEG tutorials for a new interdisciplinary Honors core course on communication disorders. This SPARC mentorship experience will provide Emily with an opportunity to foster her teaching and research skills under the direction of Dr. Theodore. Emily is currently conducting her Honors thesis research in the UConn SLaP Lab, which examines perceptual learning in adults with dyslexia.

Margaret Rowland ’15 (CLAS) was selected by Active Minds as an Emerging Scholars Fellow. This fellowship program supports behavioral health research by undergraduate researchers. Margaret’s project examines how mental health professionals tackle ethical dilemmas in patient care, with a particular focus on decisions related to pharmacotherapy. This project lies at the intersection of her interests in neuroscience (pharmacology research) and bioethics.

Both Emily and Margaret will be presenting their research at the upcoming Frontiers in Undergraduate Research Poster Exhibition; we hope to see you there on April 10th and 11th.


UConn IDEA Grant recipient Ari Fischer ’15 (ENG) is the first author on a manuscript related to his grant project:

Fischer, A., Du, S., Valla, J.A., & Bollas, G.M. (2015). The effect of temperature, heating rate, and ZSM-5 catalyst on the product selectivity of the fast pyrolysis of Spent Coffee Grounds. RSC Advances, DOI: 10.1039/C5RA00212E.

Undergraduate students Sai Nagella, Andrea Lugo, and Scott Pierce are co-authors on the following publication from the Angeles-Boza research group in Chemistry:

Daben, M., Libardo, J., Nagella, S., Lugo, A., Pierce, S., & Angeles-Boza, A.M. (2015). Copper-binding tripeptide motif increases potency of the antimicrobial peptide Anoplin via Reactive Oxygen Species generation. Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications, 456(1), 446-451.

Garrett Fontaine ’16 (CAHNR) is a co-author on the following journal article:

Pryor, R.R., Casa, D.J., Vandermark, L.W., Attanasio, S.M., Fontaine, G.J., & Wafer, A.M. (2015). Athletic training services in public secondary schools: A benchmark study. Journal of Athletic Training, 50(2).

IDEA Grant recipient and Holster Scholar Sarah Mosure ’17 (CLAS) is a co-author on the following publication:

Deady, L.D, Shen, W., Mosure, S.A., Spradling, A.C. & Sun, J. (2015). Matrix Metalloproteinase 2 Is Required for Ovulation and Corpus Luteum Formation in Drosophila. PLOS Genetics, 11(2):e1004989. doi:10.1371/journal.pgen.1004989


After a series of weather delays, February 2015 kicked off a series of incredible art exhibitions in the VAIS Gallery by the following artists:

Ashley Frato ’15 (SFA) – UConn IDEA Grant recipient
it’s a dream: Memories of the Cuban Revolution

Marissa Stanton ’15 (SFA) – UConn IDEA Grant recipient
Serragli (Menagerie)


Eastern Athletic Trainers’ Association Meeting & Clinical Symposium – January 9-12, 2015 – Philadelphia, PA

Nicole Taranto ’15 (CAHNR) – OUR Travel Award recipient
Influence of Sport Specialization on Landing Technique in Youth Soccer Athletes

Kiersten Kronschnabel '15 (CLAS) presents her research at the St. Jude/PIDS conference in Memphis, TN.
Kiersten Kronschnabel ’15 (CLAS) presents her research at the St. Jude/PIDS conference in Memphis, TN.
Joint Mathematics Meetings – January 10-13, 2015 – San Antonio, TX

Shaun Benvie ’15 (CLAS) – OUR Travel Award recipient
Partial Metric Spaces: Representation and Classification

Amanda Groccia ’16 (CLAS) – OUR Travel Award recipient
Stochastic Differential Equations

International Stroke Conference – February 11-13, 2015 – Nashville, TN

Kristopher Masilamani ’16 (CLAS) – OUR Travel Award recipient
Strokes in HHT

St. Jude/PIDS Pediatric Infectious Diseases Research Conference – February 20-21, 2015 – Memphis, TN

Kiersten Kronschnabel ’15 (CLAS) – UConn IDEA Grant recipient
POWER: Providing Optimal Strategies for Patient Retention While Transitioning from Pediatric to Adult Care

American Choral Directors Association National Conference – February 25-28, 2015 – Salt Lake City, UT

Nathan Fletcher ’15 (SFA) – OUR Travel Award recipient
O Gracious Light

American Medical Student Association Annual Convention – February 27-28, 2015 – Washington, DC

Saher Kazi '16 (CLAS) presents at the American Medical Student Association Annual Convention in Washington, DC.
Saher Kazi ’16 (CLAS) presents at the American Medical Student Association Annual Convention in Washington, DC.
Saher Kazi ’15 (CLAS) – UConn IDEA Grant recipient
Prevalence and Risk Factors for Depression, Anxiety, and Alcohol Abuse Among Connecticut Migrant Farm Workers
Awarded the 2015 People’s Choice Award

56th Annual Drosophila Research Conference – March 4-8, 2015 – Chicago, IL

Sarah Mosure ’17 (CLAS) – UConn IDEA Grant recipient
The Role of Drosophila Adipocyte Secretions in Female Fertility

Eastern Psychological Association Annual Meeting – March 5-7, 2015 – Philadelphia, PA

Lauren Masayda ’17 (CAHNR) – OUR Travel Award recipient
Human Conditioned Place Preferences using a Secondary Reinforcer

Kimberly Valerio ’15 (CLAS) – OUR Travel Award recipient
Language Development and EEG Mu Rhythm in Early Childhood

AIChE Northeast Regional Student Conference – March 7-8, 2015 – Cambridge, MA

Ornella Tempo ’16 (ENG)
In Vitro Evaluation of Calcium Peroxide Release from Composite Poly(lactic-co-glycolic acid) Microsphere Scaffolds

United States Institute for Theatre Technology 55th Annual Conference & Stage Expo – March 18-21, 2015 – Cincinnati, OH

Lindsay Duval ’15 (SFA) – OUR Travel Award recipient
The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee Scenic Design

Academic and Health Policy Conference on Correctional Health – March 19-20, 2015 – Boston, MA

Alyssa Zabin ’16 (CLAS) – OUR Travel Award recipient
Social Challenges for Correctional Nurses Delivering Healthcare

Society for Research in Child Development Biennial Meeting – March 19-21, 2015 – Philadelphia, PA

Kelly Romano ’15 (CLAS) – OUR Travel Award recipient
Cultural Identity, and Perceived Peer and Parent Outgroup Norms in Relation to Engagement in Cross­group Friendships
The Power of Home: Guardianship Effects for Adolescents in School­-based Substance Use Recovery
Patterns in Impulsivity and Emotion Regulation: A Comparison of Substance Use Recovery Students

From Spring 2014:
Power and Energy Conference at Illinois (PECI) – February 28-March 1, 2014 – Champaign, IL

Manal Tahhan ’15 (ENG)
A Uniform Temperature Test Rig for Thermoelectric Generator Characterization and Testing (paper presentation)