Faculty Request to Resume Undergraduate Research, Summer 2020

This form is to be completed by UConn faculty who wish to include one or more UConn undergraduate students in in-person/on-campus/field research activities during summer 2020 and have an OVPR-approved COVID-19 Safety Plan.

If you do not yet have an OVPR-approved COVID-19 Safety Plan, please follow the instructions here to obtain OVPR approval to resume research activity. In the plan you submit via the Resuming Research Activity Form, please name the undergraduate(s) you wish to include and identify them as undergraduate students.

If any student you list in this form or in a new plan submission has not yet submitted the student request form, they will be asked to do so in order to document their interest in returning and their understanding of the parameters for doing so.

  • Summer 2020 Undergraduate Research

    Any undergraduate student's involvement in in-person, on-campus, and/or field research during summer 2020 is completely optional. Students should not be pressured in any way by their mentors or research groups to resume in-person/on-campus/field research. We appreciate your flexibility and efforts to continue to offer valuable research experiences to undergraduate students under challenging conditions.

    Students have been advised that their ability to resume research activities will depend on the status and parameters of their mentor's lab or field research ramp-up. If you are completing this form, it should be because, in your estimation and in dialogue with your undergraduate researcher(s), you consider it possible for them to resume in-person/on-campus/field research activities this summer within the parameters of an OVPR-approved COVID-19 Safety Plan.

    This form is only necessary if your student(s) will be resuming research on or before August 28, 2020. No form is required for fall research.
  • Please list the name(s) of the undergraduate researcher(s) you wish to add to your OVPR-approved COVID-19 Safety Plan.
  • Please list any modifications required to your Safety Plan beyond the addition of these undergraduate researchers.
  • Next Steps

    You will receive a copy of the responses you submitted via email to the address you entered above.

    OVPR will review your request and follow up directly with you. If the OVPR approves your request, each undergraduate's completion of the COVID-19 safety training and training on the OVPR-approved COVID-19 Safety Plan must be documented before they resume in-person/on-campus/field research activities. Students have been advised that modifications to their planned research activities may be required if conditions change and encouraged to maintain an open dialogue with you (their mentor) and with OUR as needed. They have also been advised that if they become uncomfortable at any time with their involvement in in-person/on-campus/field research, they can return to remote research or otherwise modify your research activities in consultation with you. Thank you again for your mentorship of undergraduate researchers! Please do not hesitate to contact OUR via email to our@uconn.edu with any questions or concerns.