Co-op Legacy Fellows Maria Guerrero, James He, and Serena Verma

UConn KDSAP Webinar Series

Spring 2020 UConn Co-op Legacy Fellowship – Change Grant Project

Project Summary

Maria Guerrero, James He, and Serena Verma piloted their creative Change Grant project in 2020 amidst the height of the Coronavirus pandemic. Originally designed as a kidney education after-school program for Middle School, the limitations of the post-pandemic world and the heightened need for social reform led to a new project focused on healthcare equity, racial representation in medicine, and mentorship for underrepresented minorities navigating high school and college decisions. Serena, Maria and James, with the incredible support from the KDSAP executive board, began a series of webinars to tackle these topics and empower minorities all across Connecticut. Their mission continued as they spread the word of the informative webinars over social media and even partnered with Hartford’s Legacy Foundation to get the word out directly to schools.

Click here to learn more about their original vision for the project and how they adapted their project.


The 8-part webinar series is available online.  The series includes the following presentations:

  • Representation in  Medicine I
  • Representation in Medicine II
  • Steps to the Pre-Health College Career
  • Funding your College Education
  • Pre-Health Opportunities
  • Stories from Pre-Health Students
  • Other Careers in Healthcare
  • Life in Medical School

Descriptions of the webinars can be found here.

Reflecting on the Project

Click the image below to learn more about Maria, Serena, and James, and how their involvement in the Change Grant project influenced their values and goals. Change Grant Recipients James He, Maria Guerrero, Serena Verma.