HRP SU23-7: Research Opportunity with Dr. Manuel Castro-Alamancos

Project Mentor

Dr. Manuel Castro-Alamancos
Department of Neuroscience

Undergraduate Research Opportunity Description

Project Description The project is for students in the fields of data science, engineering, computer science, applied math, statistics, psychology, or neuroscience that have programming skills in Python, R, and/or Labview and who are interested in helping develop tools for automated analysis of complex data pipelines originating from neuroscientific experiments addressing the neural basis of behavior in mice. The student would be involved in developing the software tools used to control the experiments (actuators and computer vision) and analyze the data from these experiments (data models). Opportunities to also participate in the research by conducting experiments are also available.
Project Direction The summer project will be carried out within the framework of two funded NIH grants that are deciphering the neural circuits involved in approach and avoidance behavior. The project will have a continuation for several years.
Mentorship and Supervision The student will be in contact with the PI on a daily basis, either directly in the lab, or using the chat system we run on our servers, which allows for seamless, constant communication.
Student Qualifications Students must be proficient in at least one of the following programming languages: Python, R, or Labview. A basic understanding of neuroscience would be useful but is not essential. Interest in biomedical research would be appropriate.
Summer Schedule Options Research Dates: May 22 to July 28, 2023
Schedule: To be arranged within schedule parameters of M-F, 9am-6pm
Project Continuation Fall 2023, Spring 2024
Academic Year Time Commitment 6-9 hours/week
Possible Thesis Project Yes


Submit an online application for this research opportunity at The application deadline is Monday, January 30, 2023.

This application requires a cover letter, a resume or CV, an unofficial transcript, science GPA, a brief statement of research interests, and a brief statement of career interests. In the application form, please describe your programming level with examples of what you have programmed previously (e.g., a game created). References should be available upon request.