HRP SU21-24: Research Opportunity with Dr. Carla Rash

Project Mentor

Dr. Carla Rash
Calhoun Cardiology Center

Undergraduate Research Opportunity Description

Project Description Our lab uses clinical trials to investigate a behavioral treatment called contingency management to motivate behavior change. Two of our current NIH-funded studies examine how to help people persevere in the long and often difficult process of getting employment: one is with unemployed persons living with HIV/AIDS and the other is unemployed persons with hazardous alcohol use.
Project Direction Most students want a combination of direct participant contact and interviewing experience, along with opportunities to analyze and present data. Our ongoing studies are 5-year clinical trials.
Mentorship and Supervision The student will shadow our RAs for clinical interactions and complete a mock interview with the RA as the subject. The student can then do an interview with a participant with the RA observing until they are ready to complete interviews on their own.
Student Qualifications Interest in clinical trials research.
Summer Schedule Options Research Dates: May 24 to July 30, 2021
Schedule: M-F, 8am-5pm
Project Continuation Fall 2021, Spring 2022
Academic Year Time Commitment 3-9 hours/week
Possible Thesis Project Yes


Submit an online application for this research opportunity at The application deadline is Monday, February 1, 2021.

This application requires a resume and a brief statement of career interests.