HRP SU17-15: Research Opportunity with Dr. Ion Moraru

Project Mentor

Dr. Ion Moraru
Cell Biology and Center for Cell Analysis and Modeling

Undergraduate Research Opportunity Description

Project Description This project combines experimental and computational approaches to determine the changes that occur when cell lose DNA mismatch repair function and how it relates to carcinogenesis. Single-cell RNASeq profiling data of stem cell-derived organoids will be analyzed to identify ab initio all the cell subpopulations that develop. Dynamic models and simulations of intracellular signaling pathways will be created to characterize the behavior of wild-type and mutant samples.
Project Direction The longer term goal is to identify the mechanisms by which Lynch syndrome patients develop colon cancer. As target pathways and molecules are being identified, the project will continue with computational work focused on predicting new biomarkers and drug vulnerabilities, and additional experimental work on testing drug combination effects. The student could continue at either 2 or 3 credit level as shown below.
Student Qualifications The student should have an academic interest in life sciences and bioinformatics/computational medicine and should have completed at least one course in the MCB and/or BME offerings.
Summer Schedule Options Research Dates: 9-10 full-time weeks to be scheduled between May 22 and August 4, 2017
Schedule: Schedule is flexible and shuttle-supported hours (9am-4pm) is an acceptable option. Student can also work remotely for some of the days (we can provide loaner laptop if student does not have own), but a minimum of 3 days per week on-site is expected.
Project Continuation Fall 2017, Spring 2018
Academic Year Time Commitment 6-9 hours/week
Possible Thesis Project No


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