Introducing Cohort 4!

Cohort 4:

COVID-19 continued to keep us physically distant. However, UConn BOLD persisted!  In Spring 2021 we successfully completed the selection process for the 4th cohort of Scholars! Like all previous cohorts, these Scholars represent a wonderful diversity of backgrounds, interest areas, skills, experiences, and majors. They have shown their dedication to advancing issues of social good in the world, as well as their own leadership skills.  We are very excited to announce our newest cohort of BOLD Scholars!

Members of the 4th Cohort are:

Gianella Anyosa ’23 (Psychological Sciences, CLAS)

Brianna Chance ’23 (Pre-Teaching Music Education, General Program in Music, SFA)

Alyssa Daniels ’23 (Physiology & Neurobiology, CLAS)

Lily Forand ’23 (Political Science, CLAS)

Rose Karvandi ’23 (Physiology & Neurobiology, CLAS)

Maria Kelley ’23 (Individualized: Law, Social Justice, and the Family, CLAS)

Maggie Singman ’23 (Environmental Sciences, CLAS)

Irene Soteriou ’23 (Statistics & Cognitive Science, CLAS)